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Your Business Artfully Designed To Win.​

My name is Wendy Dueri and I am an experienced graphic designer and desktop publisher. As a designer, my job is to understand YOUR vision. This means, being able to understand what you do, how you do it, what you are selling, and how you need to be perceived by your target audience. You need a great designer that can capture your business needs.

As an experienced designer having worked with a multitude of organizations, I have demonstrated ability to design graphical products and solutions that convey your business processes and frameworks. My focus is to produce visual products that intelligently represent your business.

Whether you are a Federal Government Contractor looking for an experienced designer that understands how to work with federal requirements to respond to solicitations, such as RFPs, RFIs, and RFQs; need compliant document templates, graphics, and desktop publishing; create marketing tools such as white papers and capabilities statements to sell to the US Government; or you need to brand your business, products, services, or even get started with a great website, I am here to help!

Lastly, I am a U.S. Citizen and am willing and able to pass background checks. I currently serve and have served various clients with TS Facility Clearance.



Color, space, shapes, balance, typography, photography, layout principles and aesthetics are the central focus of each design.


Strategic planning, critical thinking, organization, problem solving,  resourcefulness, and communication formulate my approach.



Highly receptive to constructive feedback, able to execute with minimal supervision, timely, reliable, courteous, goal oriented and deadline driven.


What I Do

How Can I Serve You?

Proposal & White Paper Graphics & Illustrations

Creating compliant, compelling graphics that convey your business requirements efficiently and accurately.

Desktop Publishing

Designing branded document templates for government solicitation responses that are compliant to solicitation requirements:

  • Document header/footer, layout, tables, page numbers, callouts and headings design

  • Cover Design

  • Creating tables of contents, figures, tables, and cross-references

  • Working with proposal teams to merge content, edit content, and unify responses for final submission

  • Ensuring graphics are within solicitation requirements

  • 508 Compliance for Word and PDF

Motion Graphics / Animation

Work inside of Adobe After Effects to create animations for logo, commercials, explainer videos, GIFs, presentations, social media, and any other requirements. Create rigs for character animation, data dashboards and videos.

Web Design

Designing websites, creating social media branding, and targeted digital graphics for online marketing initiatives.

Marketing & Branding

  • Logo/Brand Design

  • PowerPoint Presentations / Meeting Collateral

  • Email Marketing

  • Capability Statements

  • Conference Materials

  • Conference Booth Design

  • Giveaways

  • Brochures

  • Business Cards

  • Banners

  • Stationary